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Wood Carvings  

Wood carving has a long tradition in the Alpine region - Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, dating back to the middle ages, where the carvers concentrated mostly on items of daily use and toys. Over the centuries the number of carvers and their artistic skills raised, and developed more into religious and decorative motives.

The treasured art of woodcarving has been lovingly passed down for generations by the families of these European regions, helping to build its current fame and success.

While the desire to fashion wood into intricate carvings has been bred into generations of wood carvers, the skill to do so must be learned. Many of the artisans from Europe 's wood carving regions have attended an Art Academy . Four years of apprenticeship follow the formal education. It is during the apprenticeship that the artisan's own unique style emerges, resulting in the fascinating variety of wood carvings available today.

Every piece of wood has a distinctive pattern, the characteristic of superior wood. This attribute assures that no wood carving is identical with another. The sculptures are entirely hand finished by master carvers with love and precision, such as to become an unmistakable work of art.

Through the diversity of the used lumbers - Sycamore, Linden, Stone Pine, Ash, Chestnut and Oak, just to name the most commonly used, the artists manage to highlight the individuality of each sculpture.

We offer you a wide variety of exclusive wood carvings: Madonnas, Cherubs, Nativities, Angles, Saints, Block Nativities, supraports and many other decorative items.

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