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Pewter Ornaments  

Pewter figures and ornaments were known already in ancient times. From there until the middle of the last century mainly as kids toys. Later on, their appearance got more and more realistic and historical events became the main theme. Initially mainly military interpretations, later on more and more civilian. Today we find them in any kind of visual arts.

From historic figures, to rural motives up to Christmas decorations. Today many renowned artist design, engrave and paint these pewter figures and ornaments, boosting their value on the collectors market.

Pewter figures and ornaments are divided into two categories: The traditional flat figures engraved into slate and cast into the mold and on the other hand the plastic model, where the sample is transformed into the mold.

The traditional design is skilfully carved into a slab of slate. The mold must be formed to create a mirror match. Molten Pewter is poured into the feeding tubes to fill the design of the mold. It hardens very quickly, so a challenge of the design is to insure the tubes will fill the mold completely before the pewter sets.

Each piece is carefully painted by one of many talented artists. Enamel paint is applied with special Rotmarderhaar (Red Martin hair) brushes. These brushes allow very slender points to be made.

Craftsmanship on its highest level.

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Pewter Ornaments


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