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The word ceramic is derived from the Greek word "Keramos" (the name of a suburb of Athens ), and in its strictest sense refers to clay in all its forms. However, modern usage of the term broadens the meaning to include all inorganic non-metallic materials.

Up until the 1950s or so, the most important of these were the traditional clays, made into pottery, bricks, tiles and the like, along with cements and glass.

Our selected ceramic treasures are unique copies and are handcrafted in Austria by local artist. Fondly hand painted and refined with an 18-carat gold plating. To preserve the character of these treasures, they are fired up to four times.

Despite the firing temperature of 1020°C (1868°F), the colours are bright and shiny.
Craftsmanship on its highest level.

Handmade in Austria.

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